Making progress

Due to feeling rough on Sunday meant I was a DNS for Stubbington 10K. Instead, I ran a slow 10K on the treadmill. The effort that took meant that the decision to bin the race had been the right one.

I swam on Monday and improved on my swimming efficiency and did the same on Tuesday finally hitting a sub-50% score. I was concentrating on extending the length of my body and trying to get a little more roll. I know I’m still under-rolling on my left hand side and there’s lots of room for improvement with that. Hopefully that should lead to more chance of bilateral breathing. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on not snacking so much. I know it’s one of the main causes of my yoyoing weight. With my Withings Wifi Smart Scales, keeping track of my weight is easy and I’ve no excuse for not recording it. I’m making a conscious effort to eat at lunch and not before (although if I’m swimming, I’ll eat early) and not eating after dinner.

I am also trying to eat only when I feel hungry and not overload my plate. It seems to be working. Still got some work to go though.

My next target race is Eastleigh 10K. Need to focus on getting fitter, losing weight and hitting sub-50!!

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