Planning 2013

Having not successfully followed a plan in 2012, I’m probably over-planning for 2013!

I have several key events already scheduled. These are:

Jan 2013 – Stubbington 10K
Feb 2013 – Bramley 20 mile
Mar 2013 – Eastleigh 10K
Apr 2013 – Brighton Marathon
Jul 2013 – Wildern 10K
Jul 2013 – Eastleigh Tri
Oct 2013 – Great South Run
Nov 2013 – Gosport Half

So, the plan is to follow the following plans from ‘Run Less Run Faster’:

Dec – Jan – 10K training programme
Jan – Apr – Marathon training programme
Jun – July – 10K training programme
July – Nov – Half Marathon training programme

The plans dovetail quite nicely with 4 weeks off running after the marathon.

The Bramley 20 and GSR either fit perfectly or close enough into the mara or half mara training programmes. The Eastleigh and Wildern 10K races will be a little off plan but the idea is to ‘pretend’ those are longer tempo runs. parkruns will be used as tempo runs as applicable too.

I’ll also supplement the 3 ‘quality runs’ with swimming and core training (kettlebells, push ups, etc).

Things start today with track repeats 8×400 (400 RI). This’ll be done on treadmill where pace and distance is easily controlled.

A typical week should look like:

M – swim
T – run (track repeats)
W – swim
T – run (long run)
F – swim
S – run (tempo)
S – rest

with core work on swim days. In preparation for the triathlon, I’ll adjust things to fit in some cycling. I’m thinking that for a couple of the swim sessions, I can cycle to and from the pool (4.5 miles each way) for example.

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