Decisions. Decisions.

My next race will be Stubbington 10K. I don’t want to have another bad race and think that I could well do that if I run Gosport Half. I’m not ready physically for a half marathon so in all likelihood I’d hit the wall at mile 7 and repeat the experience of both the Solent Half and GSR.

My marathon training plan commences on the 24th December (not the greatest timing!) so between now and then I will focus on some base mileage and trying to get a 5K PB. I have 4 parkruns I can run between now and then and I’m not far from my PB. That should help restore some of my lost running mojo.

The 8 weeks give me opportunity to lose (at least half of) the stone I’ve been hoping, but half-heatedly trying, to lose for over a year.

I’ll also take Neil Garton’s advice (many thanks Neil) and read ‘My Best Year Yet’.

I’m not sure how to best structure the next 8 weeks in terms of run training but will give it some more thought later.

However, I would like to:

– run 3 times per week
– swim 2-3 times
– cycle once

I want to hit the start of the marathon programme feeling fit, mentally prepared and feeling positive. I also need to be prepared to start week 1 and be able to run 13 miles for my long run.

My rough plan for long run distance with regards to getting from here to there is:

29 Oct: 6 miles
5 Nov: 7 miles
12 Nov: 8 miles
20 Nov: 9 miles
27 Nov: 10 miles
3 Dec: 11 miles
10 Dec: 12 miles
17 Dec: 10 miles

For my reference, the marathon training programme weeks work out as:
24th Dec – week 1 (16)
31st Dec – week 2 (15)
7th Jan – week 3 (14)
14th Jan – week 4 (13)
21st Jan – week 5(12)
28th Jan – week 6 (11)
4th Feb – week 7 (10)
11th Feb – week 8 (9)
18th Feb – week 9 (8)
25th Feb – week 10 (7)
4th Mar – week 11 (6)
11th Mar – week 12 (5)
18th Mar – week 13 (4)
25th Mar – week 14 (3)
1st Apr – week 15 (2)
8th Apr – week 16 (1)

Stubbington 10K (20th Jan) comes about 4 weeks into the marathon training programme and I may use it as a training run rather than go ‘balls out’.

The Bramley 20 mile race (17th Feb) fits well into the plan as that week calls for a 20 mile long run.

Eastleigh 10K (24th Mar) is a slight spanner in the works but I want to do it

So, that’s the plan. Just need to stick with it now!!

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