Don’t just go through the motions

Life’s not about going through the motions. It’s about doing things, achieving things, making a difference even in just a small way, feeling positive and, above all, being happy.

Over the years, I’m had some great jobs, built a great family and made some great friends. Along the way, I’ve achieved a few things from representing my school in dinghy sailing, achieving a fairly good degree and MSc to managing multi-million £ software projects.

For a few years in my early to mid-30s, I hit a plateau and just lived life. Enjoyed holidays, worked hard, built a relationship/marriage, got fat.

I then hit my very late 30s and wanted to achieve again not just as a husband or Dad but as me.

I started running. Each time I went for a run, I achieved something. Sometimes that was simply getting out of the door, other times it was running further, running faster or getting up a hill. I discovered parkrun, found new friends and developed a new passion. I could have simply participated but I didn’t just want to go through the motions. I wanted to make a difference to me and others.

Firstly, I started to volunteer at parkrun, built a Facebook community around Eastleigh parkrun, started to run direct, wrote manuals to help others, helped build a team and some structure. At a time when the event could have faltered a little, I helped in a small way to make it flourish.

That became a little addictive and now 2 and a half years later, I’m Event Directing 3 parkruns (2 of which have started in the last 4 months), managing/organising a team
of 13 Run Directors, organising or helping to organise different events (Magic Miles, Join In Local Sports weekend, charity runs, BBQs) , liaising with lots of different people (including lots of council employees) and loving it. Along the way, I’m hoping that the things I do are helping make a small difference for other people.

I’m not resting on my laurels though. This weekend over 380 people participated in ‘our’ parkruns. I want to grow that to 500, 600, 750. Maybe more. And when I reach that goal, I’ll no doubt set some more.

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