Eastleigh Sports Awards

Earlier in the year, I received a letter to say that I’d been shortlisted for the Senior Volunteer category in the Eastleigh Sports Awards for my volunteer role as Event Director at Eastleigh parkrun. This came completely out of the blue and I was very proud to have been nominated. My role of Event Director takes several hours a week normally and I blogged about the kind of things I get involved with in the middle of 2011. Things have changed a little as the Run Directing team have taken on more responsibility for results processing at the event but the community has got bigger and there’s more interaction on that side of the role.

This evening, the Awards took place. Although I didn’t think I’d win an award, secretly I’d love to have won it.

There were several awards for teams, sportsmen and women, coaches and volunteers with junior and senior categories for each. There were also awards for service to health and service to sport.

It was amazing just how much sporting talent we have in Eastleigh from runners such as Eastleigh Running Club‘s Hannah Howard, the best under-20’s Javelin thrower, disabled sportsmen and top junior ballroom dancers. Quite a mix.

Franny Benali (ex Saints FC player) hosted the event with Alex Danson (Great Britain’s best hockey forward) handing out the awards.

I waited in anticipation of the senior volunteer award category for about 45 minutes. The 3 short-listed nominees (of which I was one) were called to the stage and awarded a bottle of wine each. This was the only category where all those shortlisted were given something. I’m really not sure why but the bottle of wine was appreciated!! The winner was then announced. It wasn’t me. Secretly, I was a little disappointed particularly given all the support I’d received from fellow parkrunners. However, it was great to be nominated, great to be shortlisted and great to attend the event.

Eastleigh Running Club (of whom I’m a latent member) won two awards. Well done ERC!

I’ve been very proud to have been nominated and shortlisted to carry the Olympic Torch and be nominated and shortlisted for an Eastleigh Sports Award. Although I’ve not been fortunate enough to ‘win’ either, I’m very grateful to those that have recognised my contribution and taken the time to nominate me. Had someone told me I’d have either opportunity this time 18 months ago, I’d have laughed at the very thought of it.

Alex did a great speech at the end of the awards. Very inspiring and motivational. ‘We can achieve our goals through hard work and determination’. My goals for 2012 are to help grow Eastleigh parkrun into an even better event, to encourage more participants of all ages and abilities to get involved and flourish, to help encourage people to use running to get fit, to build a strong community around the event and to make Eastleigh parkrun an event that the Borough of Eastleigh can be proud of.

From a personal perspective, my goals are to continue to be an active Sport Maker and to try to become involved in Run England‘s ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’.

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