2012 Targets – week 4

Hmmm!! Not my best week last week. Had two evenings of entertaining and it meant that I pigged out and put weight back on! D’oh!

So, here’s the summary:

  • number of runs: 5 (target 3!)
  • run miles: 20.49 miles (target 18)
  • weight loss: -1.5lbs (e.g. weight gain)

Totals since the start of the year

  • Number of runs: 17 runs (2 ahead of target)
  • Total run mileage: 79 miles (15 miles ahead of target)
  • Total weight loss: 8.5 lbs (0.5 lbs ahead of target). Current weight 13 stone 9lbs.
S0, overall, although it was a bad week weight wise, I’m still on target.
On Saturday, I ran Eastleigh parkrun for the 3rd time this year (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/145111972). I was hoping for a sub-26 run but came in in 26:07. My Garmin recorded 26:03 so not sure why the 4 second discrepancy. Also, I think that the course was a little long. No complaints though. Week off parkrun and then to Newbury for their first event on 11th February. Back at Eastleigh for the 18th and hoping for a sub-25:30.
Yesterday, I did a Kenyan Hills session (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/145892370). First one in quite a while so only managed 3 laps of the 1 mile lap. Will try for 4 laps next Monday and then increase by 1 lap each week.


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