2012 Targets – week 3

Another week with little of excitement to report.


In week 3 (commencing 16th January), I:

  • ran 5 times (2 more than target)
  • ran 25.9 miles (8.9 miles more than target)
  • lost 3lbs (1 more than target)

I managed to sneak in a cheeky 8.5 mile run on Friday and also paced sub-38 at Eastleigh parkrun.

With regards the pacing, it was tough at that pace. I may not be the quickest runner but running at 7:35 mins/km pace was tough at first but I soon got into the rhythm of it. It was great being at the back of the pack and hearing how many other participants at the event and marshals were so encouraging. I think that epitomised the spirit of parkrun.

Totals to date:

  • Weight loss: 14 stones 4 lbs (recorded on 2nd January) to 13 stone 8 lbs = 10 lbs lost (4.5kg)
  • Runs: 12 runs
  • Run distance: 58.2 miles

This week’s targets are:

  • 4 runs
  • 18 miles total
  • 2lbs weight loss


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