2012 Targets – week 2

Not much to report this week other than how well I’m doing compared to my targets.

In week 2 (week commencing 9th Jan), I:

  • ran 3 times (on target)
  • ran 16.92 miles (target 13 miles. 3.92 more than target)
  • lost 3.5 lbs (target 2 lbs, 1.5 lbs more than target)

Pretty pleased with this.

Targets for week 3 are:

  • run 4 times
  • run 17 miles
  • lose 2 lbs

I’m most pleased with the weight loss so far. On the 28th December, I weighed in at 14 stone 5 lbs (200 lbs or 91kg). Today, I was 13 stone 10.5 lbs (192.5 lbs or 87.3kg).

I’m not fasting to achieve this. I’m using old style Weight Watchers points. Several years ago, I ballooned to about 15 1/2 stone and it took about a year to get to about 12 1/2 stone. At the time, I wasn’t doing any exercise.

I’ve set myself the target of 28 points per day (was 30 points while I was above 14 stone) and am sticking to it. Fortunately, by running, that gives me extra points to use. For example, 30 minutes of running at about 10 minute miles gives 5 points. An hour gives 10 points. That means I can eat sensible meals but still have treats on the days that I run. Since I ran 6.5 miles today (in just over an hour), today’s treats have included:

  • can of Coke (2 points)
  • Bounty (5.5 points)
  • some Wine Gums (4 points)

and later, a Chow Mein from the local chinese takeaway (8 points)! Hardly seems like dieting!!

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