Quick update on this week’s runs

So, after 4 weeks recovery from injury, I’ve now done two 3 mile runs.

The first was tough and I had to walk/run during the last 1.5 miles. Today’s run was also tough but I managed to run the whole distance. Phew!

I’ve had the occasional twinge but nothing serious and I definitely feel the injury is behind me. My fitness has dropped though. I upload my Garmin data to FetchEveryone and that provides a useful metric; beats per mile. The value over the last couple of runs has been about 1720 beats per mile. That’s over 120 – 200 higher than my peak of fitness. It’s not as if I’ve been running fast. In fact, I’m running at quite a leisurely pace of 10:30 mins/mile on average.

Hopefully I’ll get another run in on Friday. Next week, I aim for a 3 mile, 4 mile and 5 mile run. After that, it’s back to a training plan.

Fingers crossed!

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