A rest from running

Well, I’d like to report that I’m back into a running routine following the Great South Run but I’m not. Although my shin stopped aching a week ago, since then, my left ankle has been aching/sore and that’s made walking (particularly up and down stairs) less than a pleasant experience. For that reason, I’ve not run since the GSR. That’s 13 days off running so far. I’d say that my left leg feels about 80% ok now but not good enough to run on.

Fortunately, I’ve been using my turbo trainer instead with 3 or 4 sessions a week ranging from 30 minutes to about an hour. I started off slowly at about 14mph but have built that back up to 16.5+mph. Hoping to work up to 20mph.

The turbo means I can exercise without the risk of (further) injury.

I expect to not run at all for the next fortnight. That should give my leg time for a complete recovery. Hopefully.

Today, I had hoped to get down to Eastleigh parkrun to volunteer with Connor. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been very well for the last few days and I’ve spent the day nursing him instead. Mind you, as the Event Director, that doesn’t mean a parkrun-free day.

As well as spending time during the week organising a volunteer team for the event, dealing with emails, keeping the Facebook and Twitter presences up-to-date and informative, I spend Saturday morning eagerly awaiting any sign that the results have been processed successfully.

Fortunately, if Neil is at the event, I usually get a text or 2 to let me know how the event went and when results have been processed. Today, I got some other good news from him; that his comeback parkrun after several months of injury and recovery was successful with no twinges. That was great to hear particularly after knowing how important a milestone today’s event was to him.

As soon as I had notification that results were uploaded, it was time to let everyone know via Facebook and Twitter, congratulate Race Director, Henry on his 50th parkrun and await the official results. This can take minutes or hours depending on when the results are uploaded and how busy the parkrun servers are. Today, it took about 50 minutes.

It was good to see a great turnout of 196 runners with 20+ first-timers and 55 PBs. Paul Hammond provided photos very quickly so had a quick look through those to see familiar faces.

So, although I wasn’t physically at the event, I was there in spirit.

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