Looking forward to 2012

In 2010, I ran 875 miles. This year, I’ve run about 520 miles so far. At this rate, it looks unlikely that I’ll beat last year’s total particularly as the winter sets in. It’ll be great to get to 700+ miles.

The low mileage has been partly down to taking up cycling, injury following the RVCP 10K and generally not doing as much training as last year.

In terms of cycling, I’ve cycled 388 miles so far this year (since the start of May).

Given that I’m now cycling a couple of times a week and enjoyed it, I think that next year I’ll take part in several races (running) but also try a sportive on the bike. I am also considering a duathlon or a triathlon. The latter will only be possible if I do some swimming and improve massively from my current standard which is extremely poor.

In terms of races, I have the following in mind for 2012:

  • Stubbington 10K (January 2012)
  • Eastleigh 10K (March 2012)
  • Royal Victoria Country Park 10K (May 2012)
  • Great South Run (October 2012)
  • Gosport Half Marathon (November 2012)

as well as running a parkrun fortnightly.

It’s good to have some goals so for 2012:

  • PB at each of the races above
  • run 900 miles (average 17 miles per week)
  • cycle 1000 miles (average 19 miles per week)
  • take part in a cyclo-sportive
  • take part in either a duathlon or a triathlon

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