Time to get back into a training programme

I’m struggling a little to get settled back into a training programme. At this rate, the New Forest Half Marathon will be a week away and I won’t have put in the miles. The trouble is that I want to cycle and run every weekday but don’t have time to do both. In reality, I could probably do both one day a week so a potential schedule would look something like:

M: Run
T: Cycle
W: Run+Cycle
T: Cycle
F: Run

This way I always have a rest day after a run and still get to cycle 3 days a week. If I miss my cycle on a Wednesday, I’ve still managed 2 sessions in a week.

In fact, I think I’ll try this next week.

I also need to give my bike some TLC. Time for a clean and relube. Will try to do this on Thursday as that way I’ll have chance to get bike dry and lubed on the following day.

Time to put the plan into action!

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