Last week’s runs

At my last parkrun, I was lucky enough to have Rach video me and provide some advice on my running style. It made interesting viewing and last week’s runs were spent trying to resolve some of the issues that were apparent.

The main issues appeared to be above the waist and it’s clear I need to relax a little in my arms and shoulders. As you can see on the video, my arms are quite high and my shoulders look far from relaxed.

My runs this week were a little mundane!

Monday’s run was 10 x 500m interval session with 60 seconds recovery. Although it would have been ideal to have done this on the flat, my chosen location was slightly downhill for the 1st, 3rd, 5th (etc) intervals and slightly uphill and into the wind on the even numbered intervals. Unfortunately, I only managed 9 and a bit intervals!! Better try harder!!

Tuesday’s run was a recovery run where I was supposed to keep my HR below 147bpm. I didn’t manage that! Knuckles wrapped!

Wednesday’s run was a long slow run. Had planned to do 8 miles within the right HR zone but didn’t manage either. A little over 7 miles at 166 AHR. Hmmm…

Thursday’s run was an opportunity to redeem myself with another attempt at a slow run. I went out with the intention of running 6 miles but the weather was so nice that I decided to go long! Running up the Itchen Way was lovely and although I kept meaning to turn back, I kept on running… and running… and running… til I got to Bishopstoke. Then, I realised that I’d have to head back!

Friday’s run was supposed to be a tempo run. To be honest, I think the long runs in the week had taken their toll and I really couldn’t find my running legs. Some days are just like that.

Sunday was the day of the Brighton Marathon. Had originally planned to run it but thought better of it and deferred entry. Am very glad that I did!! No way I’d have been able to make it around 26.2 miles, especially given the very warm weather.

2 days of rest and hoping today’s run goes a little better!

I’ve been getting a few aches and pains in my right ankle/foot for a few days now. Keeping an eye on it just in case!



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