My week’s running

Rather than post about individual runs, I plan to look back at each week of runs from now on (covering Sunday to Saturday).

The week started very well with the Eastleigh 10K. A 10K PB improvement of 4 minutes.

On Monday, I was achy. Calf muscles sore and I was struggling to walk normally because of that (goes to show I was pushing it!). However, I ran a 5K recovery run to try and ease those achy calves. It worked a little.

Tuesday was a rest day due to the recovery. Still a little achy.

Wednesday, I did a 9.4km slow run. Nothing to exciting. Still some calf tightness.

Unfortunately, work prevented me running on Thursday and with Friday off, that meant 2 days of rest. Didn’t feel too disappointed by this though as I was trying for a PB at Eastleigh parkrun the following day and rest before that would help. The downside of tapering the previous week and a low mileage week this week was weight gain!!

On Saturday, conditions were good. The rain earlier in the week meant that Wide Lane Sports Field’s ground conditions were dry but not too firm.

It was great to have Rach and Mark at the event although Rach wasn’t running in preparation for the Oulton Park Duathlon the following day.

The good thing was I was reminded to go and warm up. This is something I’ve only done twice before on a ‘race’ day; the last time being the previous weekend. A lesson learned – always warm up before a race. Nothing too much 1km is good for a 5K race. A couple of km for a 10k. Very slow easy pace. I’d always avoided a warm
up before due to thinking I’d be more tired prior to the race start.

I was pushing for a PB and wanted to finish in 23:45. This meant 4:45 mins per km.

As the start ‘gun’ went off, I was running with Mark (who was running slow). We went off at 4:30 mins per km pace. It felt comfortable but I knew I risked fading out too quick at that pace. 2nd lesson learned – stick with your pacing plan no matter what during a race.

I felt ok during the run (the course was ‘a parkrun with a twist’ – clockwise rather than anticlockwise around the field) although I struggled to maintain 4:45 pace and averaged 4:48 instead. I put this down to still recovering from the Eastleigh 10K.

I was convinced that I’d not PB’d and having processed the results in almost record time was very pleased to have finished in 23:52 (4:48 pace); a PB of 29 seconds (and a WAVA improvement of 1.5%) and an increase in my RunBritain Ranking from 18.4 to 17.7! Given my previous PB had been on a short course, I’m suspecting the PB improvement over 5km would have been nearer 1 minute. Very pleased.

Just to summarise WAVA % performances:

  • 100% = Approximate World Record
  • over 90% = World class
  • over 80% = National class
  • over 70% = Regional class
  • over 60% = Local class

Feeling good almost 24 hours later. Hoping for 4 or 5 runs over the course of the next week. Upping the distance of my LSR too.

Ultimate aim being a 5km in under 21 minutes (a 44 minute 10K)!!

However, my main goal at the moment is a WAVA score of 60% – an improvement of over 3% on my highest WAVA score from 22 January 2011 (56.43%). This means a 5K time of 22:55 (4:35 pace) based on a 41 year old or 23:05 (4:37 pace) for a 42 year old. See Running For Fitness for more information.

My fastest non-official 5K was 23:35 (4:42 pace) from 18th March 2011. So, this means shaving about 30 seconds off that or 1 minute from my current official 5K PB. Sounds possible…

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