This week’s runs… so far – Lost in music

So far this week, I’ve had 2 good runs. The first was an 4 miler on Monday. It was an interval training run consisting of:

  • 5 minute warmup
  • 1km fast
  • 2 mins slow
  • 1km fast
  • 2 min slow
  • 1km fast
  • 2 min slow
  • 1km fast
  • 2 min slow
  • 1km fast
  • cooldown

Each interval got slower and slower primarily due to overdoing the first one! Overall, went well with little to report. Thanks to Rachael for the training advice!

Wednesday’s run was an 8.5 miler via Eastleigh. This was a route that I’ve done a few times before in recent weeks. It’s great to head off in a different direction and see some new sights (even though I know the area I ran in very well when running you see more than if you’re in a car). I was listening to AudioFuel’s mid intensity long run compilation.

Have to say that the compilation and commentary really helped get through the long run. It’s really great getting coached through a run with reminders to relax, take walk breaks if necessary, etc.

I’m not sure whether it was the upbeat music or a couple of short walk breaks but my average pace for the run was the highest ever for a 7+ mile run. I do find that the beat helps me maintain a good cadence and that helps eat the miles.

Later today, I’m heading out for a 5 mile recovery run. I’ll most likely use the same AudioFuel compilation. However, will take a look at the Push It Up mid intensity fitness pack first as the BPM is a little slower. Don’t want to over do it prior to tomorrow’s parkrun at Eastleigh.

Big thanks to Mark Clay (@MarkRClay on Twitter) for his donation to my 875 mile charity challenge!! Much appreciated.

One thought on “This week’s runs… so far – Lost in music

  1. Hi, I’ve found the Radio Tiesto podcast (which lasts around an hour) great to run to… and it’s free! Just thought I’d share. Thx for your review/testing of RK with iOS4!

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