Where have I been?

Days and weeks slip by without a blog post so here goes. Time to try and catch up.

Well, my running has dwindled off a little in the last month (until this week at least) due to a combination of:

  • a couple of long weekends away
  • some aches and pains

However, I’m now back into the swing of things and heading back up to 20 miles per week which is the target I need to maintain for the rest of the year.

Due to the aches and pains, I took a break for the week of the 28 June and eased back in slowly the following week. In terms of the aches, I’m pretty confident that they were due to doing too much in the VFFs. The aches were across the top of my foot (right predominantly) and ankles. I was beginning to think that I’d caused a stress fracture from racking up the miles too quickly and running the Lordshill 10K in my KSOs. Better to ease back to make things right rather than continue to push it and cause more damage.

In terms of easing back, I’ve gone back to my normal running shoes. This might appear to be a backward step but I’ve found the cushioning to have eased the aches and pain and my improved running form has helped me to avoid heel-striking. That means that I’ve been experiencing the best of both worlds. I’ve not even felt the compulsion to revert to heel-striking which is pleasing!

On the subject of VFFs, minimalist running, barefoot, etc, MarathonTalk devoted a complete podcast to it this week with an interview with Barefoot Ted. It was pretty interesting and at 1:05 into the podcast, they raise my question regarding foot/ankle ache. The response (although a little longer than I’ll depict here!) was to transition more slowly. I also read into the response that a more transitional shoe may be more appropriate. To be honest, although I’d love to try that approach, the cost is off-putting. Also, being able to run in my existing Saucony’s and keep a good form is fine for me for now.

In terms of working back into wearing my VFFs, I’m going to ease back into them slowly with a couple of short/slow runs per week.

Next run – tomorrow’s Eastleigh parkrun!

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