Yesterday’s run – Lordshill 10K

Yesterday’s run was the Lordshill 10K in Southampton, UK.

Although I signed up for the race several months ago, I hadn’t really thought that I’d be running on the hottest day of the year so far. As the mid-weekend of the Wimbledon fortnight, rain was likely. However, in the UK, we’ve not seen rain for several weeks.

As I arrived at the race HQ, the temperature was 26 dec C. While sitting in the car, attaching my race number (111), the lack of air/breeze was apparent. This was going to be a tough race.

There was a 5 minute walk from race HQ to the start line. One thing I like about races is that you get to see new areas. On this occasion, 2 parks I’d not been to before.

I arrive at the starting area about 30 minutes before the gun. Used the baggage store for my first time. Will definitely use that again in future races.

From looking at race numbers, it was clear that there were about 250 runners. A mix of ages and ability.

The start was delayed by 5 minutes due to some late entrants having to be sent back to race HQ.

On the start line, a couple showed an interest in my Vibram FiveFingers. I received several strange looks and a few others commented to spouses/partners about my ‘funny’ footwear.

As the start approached, I set up Runkeeper and waited for the’ gun’.

And we were off.

Gawd, it was hot. The race took us through Lordshill, Rownhams and surrounding areas. A nice mix of village, country lanes, modern housing estates and wooded trails.

There were brief and infrequent areas of shade and these proved very popular.

During the course, there were a few undulations. The beating sun made these a struggle though.

Having got to 5K, my energy was sapping fast. Like several others, walk breaks were becoming popular as the temperature and humidity level rose. By now, it was about 30 deg C.

Fortunately, at 5.5K, there was the first water station. 2 cups. One to pour over my head and one to drink.

The next 3K were tough. I managed to keep going and at 7K spoke with a number of other runners who were also struggling. They all said that they weren’t going to complete in less than an hour, their first time of not reaching that milestone.

Around the course, Lordshill Runners marshalls were doing an excellent job of showing the way, directing traffic and, most importantly, shouting words of encouragement. They were the best bunch of marshalls I’ve encountered in my brief race career to date!

At 8.8K, another water station had been added. Bliss. This was followed by some locals with a hose pipe. They deserved a medal!!

At just before 9K, following a brief 10K, I took my final, brief walk break. I knew my finish time was likely to be 63 minutes. No PB for me today.

As the line approached, I saw 3 of the runners ahead that I’d been running with a couple of km before. I decided to increase the pace and sprinted for the line. Making up 3 places felt good.

Another water station and a finishers medal signalled the end of my first, and probably last, Lordshill 10K. The race was great, organisation excellent. Location local. Nothing to fault apart from the weather. June/July/August races are to be avoided by me in future.

Race route and stats available at

Next race, September 4th. Dorney half marathon.

One thought on “Yesterday’s run – Lordshill 10K

  1. Good work mate, you’re doing really well!

    I’m starting to do some treadmill work in VFFs and am hoping to get some decent milage going.

    Until then however I’m running in shoes. Got the british 10k on Sunday and a half marathon in Budapest in Sept.

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