10 reasons why I love to run

It’s slightly over a year since I started running and I’m impressed that I’ve kept at it over that period of time. Thanks to the charity challenge (in aid of CLIC Sargent, the charity that cares for children with cancer), I’ve had little choice!! 😉

Anyway, here are 10 reasons why I love to run…

1. It gets me out of the house As a homeworker, I have few excuses to get out of the house regularly. Running is one of them. It gives me chance to unwind a bit and think about something different.

2. It keeps me fit Before starting running, I was turning into a couch potato. My waistline was spreading and my weight was getting close to 15 stone. Running regularly means that I’m getting fitter and fitter as each week goes by. I’m now less than 13 stone! That means that I will be fit and active when my two boys are running around.

3. It reduces the changes of nasties such as heart disease and cancer Regular exercise 3 – 4 times per week has been proved to reduce the risk of these diseases and if that means that I am less likely to get them, I’m happy to run regularly.

4. It means I can see improvements When I first started running, I could barely run for 30 seconds at a time. I can now run 6 – 10 miles without taking a walk-break! That’s some achievement as far as I’m concerned.

5. It’s cheap (compared to gym membership etc). Yes, it’s true I’ve bought running shoes, shirts, etc, etc, etc but if I went to the gym, I’d have done that and paid for a monthly membership too.

6. It doesn’t take much time On average, I run for about 3 – 4 hours per week (on average about 1 hour 3 or 4 times a week). Where possible I run before work or at lunchtime which means the impact on the family is reduced.

7. I can compete against others A little healthy competition is a good thing. I may have only been running for a short time, but I’m already an ‘average’ runner (I don’t expect to get much better than that!) and don’t finish last! With regular parkruns (weekly FREE 5K races held around the UK – http://www.parkrun.com), I can compete against other runners and try to improve my own Personal Best (PB). There’s a system called ‘Age Grading’ that allows you to compare performance against other runners regardless of age and gender. My rating is currently 51% (e.g. slightly better than average). Would like to see this approach 60%.

8. I get to explore new areas We miss so many things by driving around. I’ve discovered new routes, interesting buildings, etc, etc by running in my local area. Now I’m not afraid of hills, I can set off in almost any direction and find somewhere new to run.

9. I can help others I’m not expert but I’ve learned a lot about running over the last 12 months and I’ve been able to help others starting out on their running journey.

10. It’s (mildly) addictive I can think of lots of worse things to be addicted to but am pleased that I’ve chosen running (for all the benefits I’ve listed above).

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