ALERT – Fake Vibram FiveFingers and where to buy FiveFingers in the UK!

Blog post updated 30 June 2010

As a newcomer to the joys of ‘barefoot’ running, I’m interested to see which UK ecommerce websites are stocking this must-have product. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This blog post provides details of how to spot fake or counterfeit Vibram FiveFingers and where to buy legitimate Five Finger products in the UK.

There are two main issues you may encounter when trying to buy Vibram FiveFingers (or Five Fingers) in the UK:

  • stock may not be available in the size you want (check the sizing video for important information)
  • the European Vibram site doesn’t make purchasing very easy
  • the Vibram site doesn’t clearly identify stockists outside the US

However, if you do a search in Google, you’ll find many, many sites selling (what appear to be) Vibram FiveFinger (VFF) products.

The trouble is that many of those sites are selling fakes/counterfeits whose sole intention is to fleece you (and potentially steal your credit card details).

You have been warned.

How to avoid fake or counterfeit Vibram FiveFingers

Do you want to avoid being scammed? If so, take a look at these pages:

In summary, a site is likely to be the supplier of fake products if:

  • the URL contains the phrase ‘vibram’ or ‘fivefingers’ (apart from!)
  • the retailer provides no contact information
  • the colours or materials don’t match the ranges shown on the official VFF website
  • 20% or larger discounts are offered
  • product photography includes packaging (VFF don’t provide those photographs)
  • fabrics and materials look different from the range shown on the website
  • the site has poorly written product descriptions or low-res product images

Also, many of the products listed on eBay as Vibram Five Finger products are fake or counterfeit. My recommendation is DO NOT purchase VFF products from eBay. Period.

Here are some of the sites listed in Google’s UK results which are believed to offer fake or counterfeit VibramFiveFingers (please note that many of these use sponsored ads to try to appear more credible):

  • buyfivefingers[dot]com
  • vibram-fivefingers[dot]net
  • vibramfingershoes[dot]com
  • vibramfivefingersuk[dot]com
  • fivefingersbuy[dot]com
  • shoesfivefingers[dot]com
  • vibramfivefingersbuy[dot]com
  • vibramwebsite[dot]com
  • sellvibramshoes[dot]net
  • TradeTang[dot]com/FiveFingers
  • vibram-shop[dot]info
  • highvibram[dot]com

Where to buy Vibram FiveFingers in the UK:

There are several UK sites selling real Vibram Five Finger products. They include:

For US visitors, please check out the following legitimate sellers of Vibram FiveFinger products:

However, prior to purchase, please ensure that you’re happy that the website you purchase from is legitimate.

2 thoughts on “ALERT – Fake Vibram FiveFingers and where to buy FiveFingers in the UK!

  1. You list PureFootwear and I have nothing against them (bought some Evo Barefoot from them) but they seem to have a lot of KSO versions that I’ve never seen the likes of on the official Vibram site in the last 18 months.

    I’m afraid it has me suspicious/wary.

  2. Alex, PureFootwear are definitely a ‘proper’ seller of Vibram FiveFinger products in the UK. Note that the EU range is larger than the range currently available in the US.

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