Last couple of runs

Have had a pretty good couple of days running. 🙂

Friday’s run was 5 miles. Although I wa really tempted to use my Vibrams Fivefingers, I knew I’d end up taking a backward step in going the whole distance in them. I therefore decided to use my Saucony running shoes instead. It was the right decision.

During the run, I had a good midfoot strike and running form. It’s clear that transitioning to ‘barefoot’ running is improving my form. Very little in the way of heel striking and little pain (knee or calf) post run. I did feel a hotspot on my right big toe but this didn’t seem to amount to anything.

Saturday’s run was my 2nd parkrun at Lakeside, Eastleigh. It was my first race in my VFFs and it went pretty well. It was pretty warm though and that’s a strength zapper. Felt comfortable during the first lap 2.5K) and easily kept a food running form. For the 2nd lap, I slowed a little at first and started to feel hot spots on both big toes.

For the last 1.5K, I upped the pace gain and made it round in just under 28 minutes. Was hoping this was enough for a PB but unfortunately I missed that my 8 or 9 seconds. Ah well, there’s always next time!

The hot spots turned into blisters (actually blood blisters). Ouch! Hopefully, they won’t return for future runs.

Next run Monday.

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