Another ‘barefoot’ run

I’m now into week 2 of using my Vibram FiveFinger KSOs. The furthest I’ve run in them is 5 miles. That really was too long and I ended up with rubbed areas on both feet and a large blister on the heel of my left foot! Transitioning slowly is definitely the only way to get used to VFFs and enjoy the experience. After overdoing it, after each run, I’ve had sore calf muscles. Walking stairs has been particularly painful for a day or so after.

However, today, I felt as if things were improving. Firstly, I bought some Injinji Performance Micro toe socks and tried them out for the first time. These wick moisture away from the foot and therefore reduce the likelihood of blisters. Fortunately, I’d had a few days out of the VFFs so the blister on my left heel had completely healed prior to today’s run so that was hopefully not going to return!

The socks feel comfortable if a little oversized. I’m sure they’ll shrink a little over time and become a little more snug.

Today’s run was 3 miles (as per my half marathon schedule). I decided to do the whole run ‘barefoot’. Also had some new music to listen to! Made a change from listening to the same old tunes every run!

Overall, the run went well. Found that I found the right form very quickly (landing on forefoot with knees slightly bent, quick turnover and short stride) and found it pretty easy to stick with it. No heel strikes at all and minimal pain of any type since completing the run. Even my calves aren’t screaming!! One thing I couldn’t keep up was bringing the foot back to almost ‘kick butt’. Will keep working at that though.

Next run Friday.

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