A month slips by

I can’t believe a month has slipped by without me posting. Need to make amends…

I may not have been blogging but I’ve definitely continued running. 100 miles+ in April. Certainly fewer so far in May but on target.

Have been trying to focus more on negative splits (running first half of race slower than latter half) an adding some speed sections.

This worked well for the Run In The Park 10K at Royal Victoria Country Park a week ago. Managed to run the whole 10K without walking at the same average pace as the Eastleigh 10K.

The event was good overall. The only things that let it down were the unclear start area and the towel memento.

Yesterday, I finally ran my first ‘parkrun’ at Lakeside in Eastleigh. parkruns are a 5K informal race that take place all over the UK at 9am on a Saturday morning. This was the 3rd one to be held in Eastleigh and the turnout was 50+ for the first 2 weeks and then 72 yesterday. Think that it’s going to be very popular.

It was hot by the time the race started and Brett welcomes all runners and gave instructions. I was certainly glad to have water with me. The race is two laps and the first one (2.5K) felt quite easy. As the sun got higher, the 2nd lap was a little more of a challenge. However, I managed to complete the 5K within a few seconds of my target. Very pleased with that particularly given the heat. Looking to improve over the coming weeks.

Next run 7 miles tomorrow.

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