Yesterday’s run and other news

Yesterday’s run was a long one. Beautiful morning, sunny with clear sky. Headed out towards Hedge End and decided to run 6 – 8 miles.

The first 4 or so miles went well After about 5 miles, I lost GPS (was this a Runkeeper or iPhone issue?) and this meant that Runkeeper’s announcements got screwy. This also meant that I wasn’t quite sure how far I’d run.

As I headed home, my knees started to ache again. Clearly one of the side-effects of running longer distances.

When I got home, I plotted the route via Runkeeper and found I’d run 9 miles. Result!

In other news, I’ve won a pair of Vibram Fivefingers in the Runkeeper Boston Marathon Sweepstake. That means that for much of the 650+ miles left of my charity challenge, I’ll be running (virtually) barefoot. Hmmmm…

Next run: Sunday 10+ miles.

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