Today’s run (21 April)

Today’s run was nothing special. Got up at 5:30am to ensure an early start which in turn means little impact on the rest of the family. Weather was glorious but chilly. Both cars were covered in a thin layer of volcanic ash! Saw some aircraft heading out very high up. The last 7 days haven’t been great for my new found hobby of plane-spotting!

The run took me out to Hedge End and then back through West End. I’d worked out the route before hand so knew that I’d be covering 6 miles. All went to plan until 4.36 miles when the iPhone GPS decided to stop working. Had to patch back my data back together in Runkeeper when I got home.

Relatively steady pace throughout although a little knee soreness meant that I took it a little easy in the latter stages of the run. Runkeeper stats at

Knees a little sore when I got back. Nothing too significant though.

Next run Friday. Most likely another 6 miles depending on time. Hopefully manage 10 miles again on Sunday. That’d give a weekly total of 4+6+6+10 = 26 miles!!

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