The last week or so…

It’s been a week or so since my last post and quite a lot has happened. Not had the chance to post about it though.

I guess I should start off by sharing the news that I have run 10 miles for the first time. I had every intention of going out last weekend for an 8 mile run and ended up doing 10 miles instead. My secret was to keep the pace slow. Long runs are supposed to be slow runs but as with most of my runs, I have a tendency to go out fast and then struggle for the latter 1/2 of the run. My mind was set to go out slow and stay slow for the whole of my long run… and it worked.

So, I was plodding along and there were other runners overtaking me, but my goal was to cover distance. I have to add that the fact that my Runkeeper stats would reach my friends before I got back home spurred me on to go further than I’d gone before! I wasn’t disappointed to see at least one ‘whoa’ comment back from my aut0-post on Facebook!

Over the last couple of weeks, my knees have been a little sore at the end of a run (and for a few hours after). Most likely not helped by the long run in reality but, in my view, that’s what rest days are for. Rest and recovery.

I should soon start covering about 25 miles a week. That should really start to make a dent in my target mileage for the year. So far, I’ve run over 175 miles with about 700 more to go. Seems like a lot still!! It’s certainly proved to be quite a challenge so far and will continue to be!

In other news, Runkeeper is now available for Android smartphones. Have to cavaet that by saying that the smartphones have to be running OS2.0 or later and some phones (including the HTC Desire) haven’t been approved by Google yet and therefore can’t run copy-protected apps of which Runkeeper is one.

Next run tomorrow – 5 miles!

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