Just some of the features I’d love to see in Runkeeper Pro App

I spend a lot of time using (and thinking about) the Runkeeper Pro app and have a wishlist of features I’d love to be added.

Like many users, I’ve been using the app for several months and during that time have seen an array of new features being added in several releases. I’m sure there are far more great features to come. However, if I were able to influence the team, this would be my wishlist:

New activity

  • improved presentation of GPS signal strength indicator – bars rather than circle would be my preference. Also, some textual indication of status underneath the start button would be great.
  • cadence setting and associated beep – good for Chi-runners. Beep indicator could also be tone to indicate GPS signal strength
  • auto-pause/resume activity
  • audio countdown – as soon as I lock my iPhone’s screen, I don’t know how long I’ve got to wait!
  • configurable countdown time (10, 15, 20, 30 seconds) with ability to pause or cancel countdown
  • be able to lock map so that swipe can be used to move between all activity screens
  • fullscreen map with ability to view map, satellite and hybrid views
  • ability to use target pace and training workouts at same time
  • be able to set target pace threshold so that if I’m 10% below target pace for 15 seconds raise an alarm
  • be able to choose a team mate (or team mates!) running same activity/race and be able to hear comparative stats (you are ahead of John by 120 metres, your average pace is 32 seconds per minute ahead of John’s etc)
  • be able to set a target distance and time and for RK to provide time/distance remaining indication
  • be able to select a pre-defined route and have stats based on how I’m performing compared to previous runs of that route


  • ability to choose albums, podcasts, audiobooks etc
  • ability to choose to either lower volume of audio during announcements or pause (for audiobooks)

Training Workouts

  • ability to define additional interval types (other than slow, steady, fast)
  • ability to define target pace per interval
  • have folder-type structure for better presentation of longer training workout programmes, e.g.

             Half marathon > Week 1 > Day 1

            Half marathon > Week 1 > Day 2


  • inclusion of ‘workout completed’ tick next to training workouts
  • ability to purchase workout programmes via ‘in app purchase’, e.g. C25K, etc – fully appreciate that it’s easy to add a workout but this would make life even easier and give extra revenue to Runkeeper
  • be able to repeat selected intervals within a training workout
  • be able to set up schedule for workout programme using calendar and for RK to automatically choose the right workout programme based on date (easy to override if necessary)


  • present average pace for each activity in activities list
  • provide calendar view of activities as well as the list
  • if target pace set, be able to see which bars in pace/speed chart were ahead/behind/on target pace (colour coded?)


  • be able to start/pause/resume/stop activity remotely (e.g. via iPhone earphone clicker)

I have lots more ideas but those are the ones that spring to mind with regards to RK Pro app functionality.

One thought on “Just some of the features I’d love to see in Runkeeper Pro App

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