Some background about my 875+ challenge

What makes my 875+ mile challenge a challenge?

Rather than run one race for CLIC Sargent, I’ve decided to dedicate every running step I take to raising money for this worthy cause.

In addition, I’ll be participating in a number of races during the year including several 10Ks, the Great South Run and at least one half marathon.

I’ll be running on alternate days come rain or shine.

On each run, I’ll cover at least 4 miles.

Each week I’ll have one long run. The length of the run will increase gradually (by roughly 10% each week) until I’m running 12 or 13 miles.

I’ll run approximately 180 times in the year.

I’ll be spending at least 150 – 200 hours running.

Each race I enter will cost between. £12 and £30.

By dedicating my year of running to raising money to CLIC Sargent, I’m motivated to get out every other day. Without that, I’d most likely be a couch potato!

Please donate to motivate me more and, most importantly, raise more money for CLIC Sargent.

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