Yesterday’s run – 3rd April

Disappointed by the run. The plan was to complete 10K at a 9:11 mins/mile pace. Almost 50 seconds per mile slower in reality. First 3 miles were on target pace but then lost it for a couple of miles where I struggled to keep up. Managed 6.5 miles though.

Need to rethink. Would like to be able to complete a marathon in under 4 hours. That would mean being able to complete a 10K in just over 52 minutes which should be achievable given my Eastleigh 10K time.
Predicted race times, based on a time trial of a Marathon, run in 3:59:59.

According to ‘Race Pace’ (iPhone app) that means:
10 km – 52:10 (8:23/mile)
10 miles – 1:26:23 (8:38/mile)
1/2 marathon – 1:55:06 (8:46/mile)
Marathon – 3:59:59 (9:08/mile)

With training Paces
Tempo Run – 8:28 to 8:38/mile
Steady State Run – 8:48 to 8:58/mile
Long Run – 8:53 to 9:43/mile
Recovery Run – 10:08 to 10:38/mile

At moment, I’d struggle with those paces. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus on distance (which is what a couple of half marathon training programmes recommend for beginners anyway).

I’m going to set my target pace for Monday’s run at 10:05 mins/mile (same as yesterday) and run 4 miles without a walk break.

I’ve also decided to follow the ultimate half marathon training schedule which includes some interval work and hill work.

In summary, I’m hitting my mileage targets but struggling with pace. Completed the equivalent of almost 5 marathons. 33 to go.

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