Yesterday’s run – 1st April

Yesterday’s run was going to be a Fartlek session with 30 second fast sections. Unfortunately, it was also the first opportunity I had to use my new Motorola S9 HD bluetooth headphones. I’m not sure what the issue was but my iPhone, Runkeeper and the S9 HDs didn’t want to play nicely together so the run ended up being a 5 mile steady run instead.

The run went pretty well. Still need to resist the urge to walk. Find that after 3 miles I need to take a quick walk break every 10 mins. There are some that recommend this anyway (9 mins run, 1 min walk) as a good way of breaking down a long run. Don’t really want to use that as an excuse though.

I think that I need to try to set myself a goal of no walking for a set distance an gradually build that distance up, e.g.

Wk 1: 3 miles
Wk 2: 3.5 miles
Wk 3: 4 miles
Wk 4: 4.5 miles
Wk 5: 5 miles

etc. Will give that a go and see how I get on.

With regards to the issues with my Bluetooth headphones, I restored my iPhone and reinstalled the Runkeeper app. This appears to have resolved things in a quick test this morning. Will try again properly when the weather improves.

Next run – Saturday (weather permitting).

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