Runkeeper Pro 2.2 – a sneak preview – 1st April 2010

As it’s after midday in the UK, I have to announce that the following blog post was just a figment of my imagination. Although the Runkeeper Pro app has been submitted for approval, it won’t be available for several days. However, I can confirm that the app will have such much more exciting new features than those listed below.

As a beta tester for Runkeeper, I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to check out the new features of the latest release of their premium app, Runkeeper Pro 2.2, which was submitted to Apple for approval a short time ago and will most likely be available in an App Store near before midday today.

First, some good news – the upgrade will be free to all existing Pro users.

The app contains 3 new features:

1. ‘Gloat mode’:

At the end of each activity, you can now choose 1 of 3 messages to post to Facebook and Twitter. These include the following:

2. ‘Take it easy’ mode:

Based on the average pace from previous activities, this mode will calculate how much of your activity you can take it easy for in order to match your average pace and advise you based on local terrain and elevation data when the ideal time to ‘ease back on the throttle’ is (e.g. up a hill or crossing a busy intersection).

3. ‘Impress your friends’ mode:

This mode will automatically add extra time and distance to your activity to make it look better when viewed by friends and family at You can also set a target pace and the speed graph and speed/pace data will be updated to reflect your target.

Runkeeper continues to innovate with features not seen in other apps. These features certainly make it stand out from the crowd. If you’ve not upgraded yet, you’d be a fool to miss out on this update.

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