Today’s run – 30 March – and other news

Today’s run was a 4 mile recovery run (after the 10K on Sunday) and to be honest, I wasn’t very pleased with it.

One of the main issues was the weather. Wet and windy. Really not pleasant at all. However, I’ve a target to reach and can’t afford not to get out running even when the rain might otherwise put me off.

I also had to revert to the ‘normal’ version of Runkeeper Pro rather than the beta due to the Provisioning Profile expiring. The new features in the beta had motivated me to work harder and without them, I felt a little lost (not geographically you understand!)

I managed the 4 miles I had planned to do but not at a great pace. Was hoping to match Sunday’s pace but wasn’t close. Ah well, I guess I simply have to put that down to needing to recover from the race!

In other news, I’ve started to promote my running challenge on Twitter and Facebook. No interest as yet but it’s early days. I’ve upped the stakes by (and I’m sure I’ll regret it!) deciding to do a half marathon this year. Have one in mind, the Gosport Half Marathon. This is about 4 weeks after the Great South Run (follow link for great video footage of previous runs) so should simply mean extending training a little.

This evening, it was great to get a new beta of Runkeeper Pro. No new features since last beta build though so hoping my feature enhancement suggestions will creep into version 2.3!!

I’ve also been revising my Training schedule for the rest of 2010 to ensure that I am adequately trained for each event and also ensure that I get to my target of 875+ miles for the year.

Next run Thursday – 5 mile with Fartleks

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