Yesterday’s run (25 March)

Yesterday’s run gave me an ideal opportunity to test out the new features of the latest Runkeeper Pro beta.

Unfortunately, the fact that I was running through forest meant that I was hit with poor GPS. Tall trees means bad news for the iPhone’s GPS receiver and for an inaccurate route.

However, the run itself went ok. Followed some of the cycle paths for a less hilly route and think the pace was higher than Tuesday’s run. Legs felt quite heavy at first. Not really had that feeling before and hope it’s not an issue for Sunday.

With the GPS issues, I needed to be able to edit the route in Runkeeper. Unfortunately, the ‘bugs’ reported to their team are still apparent. Spoke with Jason who said they’d been unable to reproduce the problem. Guessed that this could be that they weren’t using the edit facility in the same way as me.

Following an hour long download of a 40MB screen video capture application, I was able to send Runkeeper a video of exactly what the problem I was experiencing was. Very shortly after, I was pleased to receive a reply to say that issue had been reproduced and was on ‘to be fixed’ list. Excellent news.

Next run – Sunday – Eastleigh 10K

Watch me live at Runkeeper Live Tracking.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s run (25 March)

  1. Thanks for taking the time to produce the video that shows the issues with route editing. Really appreciate your effort here with helping the developers reproduce and (hopefully) solve the issues.

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