Yesterday’s run (21 March)

One of the simpler benefits of Runkeeper is that you can head out in any direction, run and let the app tell you how far you’ve run. There’s also the inbuilt map just in case you get lost.

So, yesterday, after a delayed start, I decided to try a different route. Variety is certainly one of the ways of keeping training fresh. It was a lovely dry morning and mild.

The run took me to Woodmill which is a nice flat section. My intention was to run at a good pace throughout the activity. For the first 3 miles I did that with mile interval paces of 9:30 minutes per mile or less. The last mile was slowed sown by having to walk up past Gater’s Mill, a pretty steep hill. I think that without that, I could have kept the pace which would have been excellent. Unfortunately, that section led to a 4 mile run with an average pace of 9:50 minutes per mile.

In other news, I finally signed up for the Marwell Zoo 10K. This event is on an undulating course around the zoo. Interesting to run around seeing the animals.

Would like to squeeze another race into the year at some point too; a half-marathon, but not sure there’s one at the right time of year for me that’s relatiely local. May have to wait til Spring ’11.

Also, drove the route of the Eastleigh 10K. The course seems pretty good. Gradual incline for first 2 miles followed by a slight hill. The rest of the course is either downhill or flat. Should hopefully get a PB and would love to do the 10K in an hour or under. 58 minutes would be my ideal time although not that achievable.

Next run is going to be completely new and hilly.

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