New to running? 12 points to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience!

Are you new to running?

Here’s my 12-point plan to making the most of your new activity:

1. Follow a training programme such as C25K so you don’t push yourself too hard too soon

2. Set yourself near-term and long term goals e.g. to take part in a charity 5K in a few month’s time

3. Invest in a decent pair of running shoes and, if possible, get them fitted by a professional

4. Don’t run on a rest day. However, if you can cross-train (eg swim, bike ride, walk) that will help your general fitness)

5. Run with a friend or join a local running club – this will motivate you to get out running when you really don’t feel like it! If you’re in the UK, consider Park Run or Run In England.

6. Sign up for a charity run – this way you’re not only running for yourself, you’re running to help others. That’ll motivate you to get our running too! Lots of charities have places in 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathons.

7. Keep a log of your runs (check out – you can the track your progress and see how you’re improving

8. Be safe – let someone know where you plan to run and when you expect to be back. Be vigilant of any strange activity. But don’t worry too much!

9. If something hurts, STOP! Also, never run when you’re feeling ill. Otherwise, you may make things worse

10. Focus on increasing run duration rather than improving speed or distance

11. ALWAYS stretch and warmup/cooldown – check out CoolRunning’s stretches for runners.

12. Have fun!

So, there you have it. Lots more running related websites to surf for… Feel free to share your own tips!

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