Runkeeper’s improved map editing – hands on [updated 1st April 2010]

(Updated 1st April – many of the issues identified with route editing which were referred to in the previous version of this article have been resolved)

As announced in my previous blog post, Runkeeper have launched improved map editing and it’s going to make lots of users happy.

I thought that it would be useful to take it for a spin and share my views…

A few days back, I went for a run and there were some areas of the route which had cut corners. For the reason for this, check out my post on the reason Runkeeper stats might be different to other GPS devices. This route is an ideal candidate for some ‘cosmetic surgery’ and I’ve now got the tools to do it thanks to Runkeeper!

Within my route for this activity, there’s one area where the corners of my run are clearly ‘cut off’. I want to make the points more accurately follow my actual route.

1. Firstly, after logging into, I choose the activity I want to edit.

2. From the map, click the ‘Edit Activity’ button (note that at the time of writing, it’s not possible to edit in Full Screen mode – think that this is an oversight).

The ‘edit activity’ screen is shown as below:

On this screen, each of the existing GPS points is shown with a circle. At this point, I’d recommend zooming in (use the ‘+’ button in the top left hand corner) as close in to the area you want to improve as possible.

3. To add a new point, simply float the cursor over the position you want it and a new blue dot will be shown. (I’d personally recommend adding the point midway between two existing points.) The next bit is important…

4. Click and drag the point to the position you want to place it. If you don’t the point will disappear.

5. To move an existing point, simply select it with the mouse and drap it into position.

6. To delete a point, simply right click it with the mouse.

If you make a mistake, simply click the ‘undo last’ button.

One word of warning, DO NOT CLICK THE RESET BUTTON as you will lose you entire route (but only if you are foolish enough to hit Save!) The same applies for ‘undo last’ which will delete your entire route.

As you make each change, the activity stats will change, mile/km markers will move, etc. Before long you’ll have a much more accurate representation of your route (such as the one shown below):

If you need to, you can also change the:

  • Activity type
  • Date
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Average heart rate

by using the ‘form’ on the left hand side of the map:

To save your handywork, simply click the ‘Save’ button and the cleaned up activity is presented as shown below:

Note the loss of speed/pace data.

In summary, this much requested feature is now available. That’s great news for everyone! It’s pretty easy to use (as long as you read the instructions above) but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Another great step forward for Runkeeper!

2 thoughts on “Runkeeper’s improved map editing – hands on [updated 1st April 2010]

  1. I’m keen to see the speed graph back after editing the map. Can you please advise me/everyone when this is fixed? I’m afraid to touch my route at the moment from fear of losing my speed graphs 🙂

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