Today’s run

My plan for today was to run with a higher overall pace than normal and try to include 5 or 6 fast sections. I guess you could call this a tempo workout. I set off at a moderately fast rate and maintained if for half of the workout as shown below:

mi pace climb (ft)
1 9:13 27
2 9:21 22
3 10:34 10
4 10:25 15

For the last two miles, I did struggle a little but wasn’t really much below my normal average pace.

It shows that I can run at a faster pace.

Therefore, I intend to keep using Fartlek training but to increase the length of each section from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

During a walk this evening, I even considered some hill repeats. Might give that some more thought before committing though!

Next run Wednesday. 5 miles with fast sections.

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