Runkeeper announces ‘Runkeeper Live’… Tracking

It’s great being able to share fitness progress with friends and family and Runkeeper makes that easy through Facebook and Twitter integration. In addition, you can publish the URL for your public profile and FitnessReports so that people can see just how well you’ve been training over time. However, that’s all post activity…

I’m soon going to be participating in the Eastleigh 10K road race and I’m hoping my wife and children will be there to support me. That may not be possible but it would be great to be able to let them see how I’m progressing during the race. Of course, I could hire a camera man to follow me on a rickshaw (worked for Eddie Izzard!) or a small helicopter to keep track of how I’m doing. Both, unfortunately, are a little costly and could be seen, by some at least, to be a little OTT!

No fear though as Runkeeper have just announced ‘Runkeeper Live’ (also known as ‘Runkeeper Live Tracking’!!! This feature has been often requested via at the Runkeeper forum but today it’s become a reality.

Simply follow the instructions below and you can then let your friends and family see how you’re progressing in real time. Ideal for races and also for personal safety too.

Please note that feature is only available to FitnessReport subscribers (another great reason to invest in this great feature).

  1. Login to your account at
  2.  Under ‘Settings’ tab, choose ‘Sharing’
  3. Make sure that ‘Make all new activities public’ is ticked
  4. Tick ‘Enable Automated Live Tracking for New GPS Tracked Activities’

Your settings will automatically be saved.

When you next want to provide friends/family with the ability to track your activity in real time, simply let them know your public URL and the time that your activity starts.

They can then visit your public profile, e.g.[USERNAME] and click the ‘Activities’ tab. They’ll see a screen similar to the one below and be able to watch your progress in real time.

In the ‘Activity History’, the activity that’s live streaming has a red circle next to it. In addition, a message is displayed:

This user is currently in streaming a live activity. Select the live activity to watch the activity live Online!

Clearly, there are safety and personal security issues to consider. My advice is:

  • only turn the ‘live tracking’ setting on if you want people to know that you’re out running, cycling etc. Preferably, only turn on for the activities you want people to live track you for
  • only share your public profile URL with people you trust
  • take normal precautions while you’re out
  • remember that the chances of running into trouble while you’re out using Runkeeper are very slim

This, in my view, is a great feature and another reason why Runkeeper is head and shoulders ahead of the competition!

Check out Runkeeper’s video of the new feature on YouTube.

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