My favourite health and fitness iPhone apps

It should come as no surprise that I’m an avid fan of the iPhone app, Runkeeper. However, I thought that I’d share some of the other apps I use to keep track of my health and fitness.

Weight management – WeightBot

I find that it’s useful to track my weight weekly. Although I’d love a Withings WiFi scale , the cost is offputting and I’m resorting to using my existing digital scales and the iPhone app, WeightBot.

WeightBot iPhone app

The app is very usable and simply requires you to enter your weight on a regular basis. It’s possible to set goal weight and date and track progress via date based graphs as well as see at a glance how much more weight you have to lose to reach your target.

Tracking food intake – iTracker and UKPoints

I’m currently trying to get fit and fighting flab. Running is helping me get fit. Weight Watchers is helping to fight the flab. Having used Weight Watchers in the past, I know that I can lose weight using their points based diet with relative ease and still enjoy eating. As I’m not attending a class or using their online service, I use a couple of iPhone apps.

Firstly, to keep a record of the number of points consumed each day, I use a simple app called iTracker.

This app allows you to create a database of the foods you eat regularly as well as the number of points each food is. Then, each day, it’s just a case of selecting each thing you eat and it’ll keep a running total of points. A full history of what you’ve eaten is maintained in the app.

Secondly, it’s often a pain trying to find a tracker card (to calculate the points value for an item) so I use another iPhone app, UKPoints to calculate the points value based on calories and saturated fat. In reality, that’s all it does and all it needs to do!

Tracking my fitness activities – Runkeeper

In reality, I have a lot of run-tracking apps on my iPhone; many of which have never been out running with me! Some have cool features, some are great for training using the C25K training programme, others are just poor imitations of much better apps! However, my constant training companion is Runkeeper. It rightly deserves its position in the ‘system tray’ area of my iPhone screen (alongside Mail, Facebook and Twitterific).

So why do I love Runkeeper? It’s easy to use. At it’s most simple, create a Runkeeper account by entering your email address and password and then simply wait for a decent GPS signal, hit the ‘start’ button, go for a run and then hit the ‘stop’ button.

Add in ‘training workouts’ and Runkeeper will guide you through the intervals of your training. Both during and after your workout, you can see the performance per interval.

You can track your route via the integrated GoogleMaps as well as listen to music via the integrated iPod controls (where music starts automatically once you start your workout).

It’s great to see how well you’re doing with your training. However, it’s great to feel proud and share your good news with friends, family and just anyone for that matter!

However, the iPhone app is only the tip of the iceberg. Once the data for your workout has been automatically been uploaded to, you can dig deep via your own account on the website. You can then slice it and dice it via Fitnessreports.

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