Goals – just how well am I doing?

Through a little PHP programming and some Runkeeper data, I’m been playing with a few features I’d ultimately like to see in Runkeeper but until they are, I’m building a little web app that implements them for my own analysis.

One of the features is ‘goal setting’ and the ability to see progress against those goals. Having decided and defined what my goals are for the year and imported the GPX data from Runkeeper (by exporting the GPX data for each activity), here’s a summary of how well I’m doing to far:

Goal Type Goal Name Target Actual Remaining %
Running Distance goal for 2010 875.00 77.07 797.93 8.81
Running Distance Goal for Jan 2010 44.00 19.59 24.41 44.51
Running Distance goal for Feb 2010 44.00 24.68 19.32 56.10
Running Distance goal for Mar 2010 64.00 26.59 37.41 41.54

As you can see (and as mentioned in a previous post), I was way off my targets for January and February and that’s knocked my progress against the whole year more than I’d like. However, it looks like I’ll be able to claw back some miles in March which should put me back on schedule. Now I have a tool to keep an accurate view on progress (and look forward to Runkeeper adding something similar very soon).

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