Digging deeper into interval performance using Runkeeper data

Runkeeper recently introduced FitnessReports which give a great way to slice and dice activity data (you can view my reports here). FitnessReports are available via a premium subscription and will please anyone that likes to dig deeper into their activity data.

However, I’d like to be able to dig deeper into the data for a single activity. One of the areas I’d like to do this most is with regards interval pace/speed. This was of particular use for the recent Fartlek workout I did where I want to see just how much faster I was during the ‘fast’ sections compared to the ‘steady’ ones. Although Runkeeper allows you to view this interval data via the app, it’s not currently available within the activity data on Runkeeper.com (which only presents 1m/1km intervals. I set about digging deeper myself.

By importing and analysing the GPX data exported from Runkeeper, I was able to produce the following:

  Speed(mph) Pace (mins/mile)
10 mins steady 5.66 10:35
30 seconds fast 8.73 06:52
4 minutes steady 6.06 09:54
30 seconds fast 7.63 07:51
4 minutes steady 5.88 10:11
30 seconds fast 7.87 07:37
4 minutes steady 5.67 10:34
30 seconds fast 5.91 10:09
4 minutes steady 5.66 10:36
30 seconds fast 7.91 07:35
4 minutes steady 4.99 12:00
30 seconds fast 10.6 05:39
4 minutes steady 5.17 11:36
8 minutes steady 5.93 10:07

The data doesn’t quite align with the data reported in Runkeeper’s app and the reason for that is that the data interpretation in my web app isn’t quite 100% yet (but will be shortly). I’m sure this capability will come to Runkeeper very soon but until then, I have the ability to view interval data for any intervals I care to imagine. Woo hoo!!

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