Comparing performance for the same route into Runkeeper data

Since I started running in June/July last year, I’ve run several routes many, many times. It’s interesting being able to look at how my performance on each of those regular haunts has improved over time. However, currently in Runkeeper that’s not quite as easy as I hope it will be soon.

Fortunately, with my little programming project, I’ve made it easy to:

  • tag the same route with a common ‘identifier’
  • compare stats for those routes
  • dig deep and view performance per pre-defined interval for each activity side by side

This allows me to see just how I’ve progressed over the months.

Being able to compare stats at a high level is great. I can see the improvement in:

  • activity duration
  • average speed
  • average pace

Being able to dig deeper give a good impression of how I’m improving over particular parts of the route.

For instance, simply defining 5 minute intervals, I can see the following performance for two runs of the same route:

Route interval comparison

As you’ll see, my performance on this route actually dropped! That’ll inspire me to do the route again and improve.

I’m also able to define distance based intervals so can easily see how well I am coping (and hopefully improving) with different parts of the route. For example, how well I cope with a hill during the activity and how much better (or worse) I’ve got at dealing with that hill.

This kind of analysis really interest me and it’s great being able to take data I capture anyway using Runkeeper and do some relatively simple analysis

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