Tackling some demons

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to spice up my running workouts. After several months of plodding around the same routes, they were getting dull and with that dullness came the overwhelming desire to walk at any familiar point when the going was going to get tough!

In reality, the routes I was following were far from tough; little more than gentle inclines but they felt worse. Having run on nothing steeper (and having found routes that deliberately avoided), I’d hit a hurdle that I had to overcome. Hills.

Fortunately, there are a couple of real hills locally so I decided that I was going to tackle them and was surprised that I coped fairly easily with them. They were a struggle and for 3 workouts, I made sure I hit the hill early in the workout so I had the energy. The great thing was having tackled the hills, the rest of the run seemed much easier than before. In addition,  the fact that I’m no longer scared of hills opens up a wealth of new routes to me.

If you’ve not tried hills, give them a go. I hope to start introducing hill repeats into my workouts within the next few weeks.

Once of my recent ‘routes with a hill’ can be viewed at the Runkeeper.com website at http://bit.ly/bgtaSI

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