Making up for lost ground

It’s been a while since I posted and I now feel that I should post more often. In reality, I didn’t have a great couple of months of running in January and February. January was really affected by bad weather in the UK and it was too treacherous to go out and run. Then, in February, I was hit by a bout of illness which kept me from running for a few weeks. Unfortunately, this has led to me being someway behind against my goals for 2010.

 All is not lost though. In March, I’ve already run more than I did in January or February and according to RunKeeper’s FitnessReports, last week I ran more miles than any previous week!! I’m really pleased about that. I should beat the goal I’ve set for March easily and hopefully get some spare miles in the bank to make up for Jan/Feb. Luckily, the weather has been great (dry sunny but chilly) so far this month and have my fingers crossed that it’ll last longer!

 In fact, I’m out running alternate days now so that means 1 week I run 3 days and the next I run 4 days. That’s an easy way to add extra miles to my previous plan.

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