Looking forward to Runkeeper app 2.2

I don’t think that it’s an understatement to say I’m passionate about the iPhone app, Runkeeper. It’s one of the main reasons I get out running. It provides the motivation to get to the end of each workout as well as to try harder each time.

The great news is that the new version of the app looks like it’ll be ready for beta-testing soon. As a beta-tester in the past, I’m really hoping to be chosen again for this versions (and all future versions!) I devote quite a lot of spare time to getting involved in the community (via Twitter and Facebook) and like to keep the Runkeeper team on their toes with reporting bugs I find in the Runkeeper.com website. I think (and hope) that it’s appreciated.

Jason and Mike of Runkeeper have given a few hints as to what features will be available in 2.2 including:

  • more audio announcement configurability
  • possible ghost running capability

I personally think that these would be excellent additions to the app and really hope to get my hands on the version during the beta testing. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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