Running stopped by snow

Hmmm, well today I should be feeling a little sore from running the Stubbington 10K but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the poor weather. Mind you, given the conditions, I really wouldn’t have liked to be out running on the icy, snowy ground!!

Although it’s a disappointment, I really wasn’t ready to run 10K so the main focus for now is the Eastleigh 10K on Sunday 28 March. It’ll be great to be taking part in a local event and am hoping that the weather improves enough to ensure that I have adequate training time to run well and improve on my time for the Beaulieu 10K last October.

Hoping that the weather improves so that the snow disappears for the weekend. Need to get my training back on schedule otherwise I’ll not reach January’s goals!! ARGHHH!

Interesting to see some new features creeping onto the Runkeeper ( website. They now allow tracking of body measurements & can automatically update body measurements from a Withings Scale. For over £100 (and limited availability within the UK), it’s not something I’ll be investing in any time soon though! Would have liked BMI to have been calculated as it’s much more ‘known’ in the UK.

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